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1/72 Fulmar

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3 hours ago, Chuck1945 said:

Can the SH 1/72 Fulmar MkII/NF II be built as a Mk I? 

Yes, based on this: the intake parts and prop for the I are blanked out as "do not use" on the sprue diagram, and additional parts supplied for the II.




The "Prototype Story" kit by definition includes parts for the I and II, given that the prototype Fulmar was also the prototype Fulmar II (and is today the only surviving Fulmar). You can see that explained in the instructions here 



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The Fulmar I shouldn't entail any parts not found on the Fulmar II afaik - just leave off the extra intakes on the cowling sides. Or did the II feature a different prop arrangement too?

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Sorry, peering at this on my phone. Looks like there is a different prop and maybe a different arrangement inside the radiator housing. You learn something new every day!

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I have posted a link to an excellent walkaround of the only surviving Fulmar, now on display at the FAA Museum. As has been stated, it was the prototype for the Mk 1 and the Mk II, and is in Mk II fit currently. The Mk 1 had a Merlin VIII in production  and the Mk II had a Merlin XXX, with a Rotol prop with broader blades, as well as tropical filters mounted on each side of the coolant/oil cooler housing. IIRC, the Mk 1 prop is included on the sprues, and you can simply not attach the two tropical filters to make a Mk 1. I'm not sure that the oil cooler and radiator matrices would be different between the two variants, but possibly the ducting from them to the side-mounted  tropical air filters might be different between the two variants-please  understand I'm no Fulmar authority.





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