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EF-4C Wild Weasel "SuperCocks Swiss Samlar"

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I share this new Spook:

Zukei Mura kit F-4C

- Zukei Mura cockpit interior

- Hypersonic correction set 

- TwoBobs decals

- Aires Exhaust pipes

- Eduard Accessories AMG Shrike Missile

- GT ALQ - GT Wild weasel conversion

- Brassin ejection seat


     The fall of the profile of the back of the fuselage, I tell you that it is very difficult to put the Hypersonic correction. It can be solved only by sanding the original plastic to give the correct profile or better yet, accept as is to a big bottom Phantom.
     The homogeneity in the depth of the panels varies in certain places. Nothing to worry about.

     The Slatas, by the complicated molding, are a little crooked (barely noticeable) and you have to stick by segments.


     Everything in its place.
     Assembly from 1 to 10 is 9.2
     The best in detail.

To make the EF-4C you have to make several modifications:
-ALR-53 Homing Antennas
-Camera on the right gondola for AIM-7
-ALR-53 Directing Finding Antenna
-AGM-45 Shrike Anti-radiation Missiles
I hope you like it.







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