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Cannon AFB NM Air Show 2010

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The hum of turbine engines are something new for the high plains of New Mexico. Of course this is after years of jet noise. One of the first few shows after Special Operations made home to Cannon.

100_1056 100_1016 100_0987 100_0933 100_0931 100_0925 100_0924 100_0882 100_0888 100_0864 100_0835 100_0795 100_0776 100_0764 100_0749 100_0675 100_0661 100_0672 100_0652

Enjoy, Hope the length doesn't bore anyone. I'll have to find some other air show images. Hope they are not on the back up drive that crashed. Go figure.


Ron VanDerwarker

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1 hour ago, Alpha Delta 210 said:

Thanks for sharing, Ron. If only we had skies like that in England!😉

If I could send you the deep blue skies I would. But you will have to take the 100+ degree temperature with it. I do remember my tour to RAF Lakenheath from January 77 to January 1980. I liked the weather, the wife on the other hand not so much. She is a fair weathered person.


Ron VanDerwarker

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