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MiG-29A "111" Polish Air Force Trumpeter 1:32

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This time in my opinion ofcourse, one of the most beautiful combat aircraft in the world.
I mean only aesthetic values especially during the flight.


MiG-29A with the side number 111 of the Polish Air Force.

Model is Trumpeter 1:32 scale made straight from the box.
I must admit that the Trumpeter model is quite well made and doesn't cause problems.

Decals are made to order ModelMaker, I add that the position and aplikation of the wheel requires a lot of patience.

I hope you enjoy watching this model.




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Powerfully convincing rendering of the MiG-29!


I hade the good fortune, many years ago outside Belgrade, while en route to Novi Sad, of watching a Serbian MiG-29 practice a solo display almost over the highway. I agree about the aesthetics in flight!


Superb modelling.


Kind regards,



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3 hours ago, jet-mech said:

A stunning representation. A real shame that it looks doubtful that we'll see a mig flying in the polish af ever again. 

Did they not start flying again a couple of days ago, or at least the grounding was lifted on Monday?

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