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P7350 reference images?

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I'm gearing up to build Revells 1/32 spitfire mkiia as P7350 in her current guise (given the model seems to have been based on this aircraft).


Does anybody have any good reference images or links to please?


Also time to hunt for a new nose cone, no idea why it's the shape it is...


Thanks in advance.

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I should think that if you search "Spitfire P7350" and perhaps select "Images", you'll find your way to more than enough photos.


By "nose cone" do you mean the spinner?  To be honest, once I'd had a look at that kit I filed it away and tried not to think about it.  For some reason the Mk.IX seems much more acceptable.  Not to say that you can't make a nice model from it, I'm just an uptight Spitfire obsessive, and was very disappointed by their clumsy approach.



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