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1/72 Academy B-29


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Hello All,

I have been working on this Academy B-29 on and off for a couple of years. Finally decided to make a big push on it to get it done.

In any case I have not decided on the markings yet...but most likely a WWII machine. It has a gloss coat of Tamiya black as a base and many hours of polishing before

putting on the the Vallejo aluminum...which is outstanding. I have a few panels I will be doing in varying shades but the overall came out pretty good I think.


In any case I hope you enjoy the pictures. Of course any comments are greatly appreciated.


All the Best!
























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16 minutes ago, isaneng said:

Chaps, what do you 'polish' paintwork with? I get the idea I think, particularly with a NMF scheme, but what do you use?

Thanks, in ignorance, Isaneng

Hi Isaneng,

I use a series of extremely find polishing clothes..3000-12000. These are readily available from a hobby supplier. Then buff with a very soft cloth until it shines. Then I blow air on it to removal any cloth fibers. All the time I am wearing gloves. Car modelers, which their brilliant paint jobs, may have other ideas.

Hope this helps.


All the Best!


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