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Nachtfalter (Moth) - A Kreiger Nightfighter

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Here's one I started earlier, Since early September to be precise. I'd wanted to build a kreiger Fledermaus which is a rocket propelled device, but couldn't find a kit at a decent price.

I have boxes of bits and old completed kits, so I set out to scratchbuild one. But it evolved into something else due to the lack of rocket nozzles.

The basic form of the model is from 1/32nd Phantom, 1/72nd SR-71 and Heinkel He177, with engines from a 1/48th A-10. Maingear is 1/48th TSR2, Nosegear and cockpit 1/32nd Me262.

So what we have here is a subsonic delta winged night fighter mainly used for hunting down the Falke anti gravity fighter. (Probably. This will be 800 years in the future!)


We'll start under the nose with a pair of cannon. 


On your left, the brown jobbie is a much modified sensor/ECM pod. Now known as the Helldog tracker system.

On the right, a slightly modified 60's? missile, Now, the Lucifer. Together they are a Hell of a system. One pylon is bare, so he's fired one or they're short of ammo.


The Lucifer again, plus various intakes. The chipped leading edge is very thin self adhesive tape under the paint as an anti erosion measure.


Maingear, nicely splayed for roughfield performance. TSR2 with C-130 wheels as balloon tyres. Brakelines are stretched sprue.


Those vents reveal that this is part of a SR-71. Various other greeblies can be seen too.


The A-10 engines have been dressed up with various vents and scoops and I've done some rust effects on the intakes and exhausts.


Despite care I've got silvering on various decals. I can live with it though. They could be stickers peeling off in real life?


Clear, start one! Quite what that bloke is going to achieve with that CO2 cylinder in the event of a fire, I'm not sure.


The pilot (ex Airfix Porsche 917) doesn't seem to care. Someone seems to have taken out a chunk from the chine here. (Blame the crew ladder).


Another shot of the Helldog. Plus rather muddy tyres.


The paint eroded down to the tape. Which seems to be doing it's job of protecting the leading edge.


And finally, the satellite link dome. This whole nose is actually an He117 so that was the astrodome.

WIP link here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235060505-der-nachtfalter-moth-another-bits-box-kreiger/


Thanks for looking. It's a little rough in places and the panels I scribed don't really show up much but, I had hours of fun and it cost virtually nothing!

As always, comments, questions, parts donations and offers of work in Hollywood are always welcome.

Cheers, Pete


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2 hours ago, rockpopandchips said:

Any chance of a few more pics showing the whole thing? 

Your wish is my command (ish). I did what I could in the available light....


A bit dark under there but it shows how splayed the gear is. 


Still trying to get the Jockey to fire up number one. Tsk! Oh, no prizes for spotting the F-16 bits on top of the engines.


Wingtip lights I left chrome silver. Who knows what colours they'll be in the future.


Drooped flappy things at the rear. 


About as close as I can get to show detail without it going out of focus. The camera isn't built for this type of thing.


About the best I can do with a cockpit shot too.


Yet the maingear comes out lovely. weird.

Thanks for watching. I've started plans for the next bitsbox build which will be a copy of a Hover truck from the Zeon series. 

Mostly because the kit, when you can get one, is going for silly prices over here and is on the waiting list elsewhere.

I've plenty of pictures so I printed them out this afternoon and will try to draw up scale plans. Measurements from the kit would help though?

Cheers, Pete


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its truly wonderful how you've managed to conjure something that looks as if its "meant to be" from odds and ends 


inspirational job Pete I've really enjoyed watching you put this together




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Any chance we can get a nice clean view of the whole thing from a somewhat isometric view?


It really is one cool looking machine, and very much captures the MaK styling.  I like the camo scheme too - bet that required some masking!  The front end is particularly cool, and reminds me a bit of the old 1999 movie Wing Commander, and their fighters (but without the ridiculous rotary cannon on the front!)


(in retrospect, i think i was remembering this with rose tinted glasses of nostalgia - your ship looks much better! )



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  • 2 weeks later...

Oooh! Futurey! 

That came out looking really nice.

It ties together quite well and the camo is excellent!


The underwing stores are intriguing, I like the way you added sidewinder fins on the wing tips of that rust coloured missile.

Good work.


Okay, what's next?

Stop slacking and get back to work!



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14 minutes ago, Tzulscha said:

Okay, what's next?

Waiting for someone to send me dimensions for the Zeon Hovertruck. OR.... Fledermaus. I realised I do have some rocket nozzles. From the Airfix MPC Eagle.

OR.... I've had a great idea for displaying an Ian McQue flying ship..... Watch this space. Well, not actually this one, but somewhere hereabouts.

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Well, I own a couple of Fledermaus. (mice, mausers?)

If I can help with anything just drop me a line.

I have one built up and one in the box...

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Slow to notice this emerge from your hangar Pete but bless me haven't you gone and plucked another good 'un from your hamper of goodies? :clap2:


That splintery camo looks particularly hard work to do and tis well wrought me hearty.


We know you're a stickler for research - have you considered going out late at night to take some photos of it in the moonlight against the clouds, just, you know, to demonstrate its effectiveness as a colour scheme? 🌔 📷 🥶 :evil_laugh:


Apologies for piratical undertones: I've had the Captain Pugwash theme tune in my head the last two days like the Cylons had with 'All Along the Watchtowers' in the Galactica reboot....



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On 12/8/2019 at 8:55 AM, TheBaron said:

have you considered going out late at night

I have to comply with the court order of course, It's either being outside at night or having a camera but not both at the same time. Ahem.

Pugwash was always a bit dodgy. They probably wouldn't be allowed to show it to kids nowadays.

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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Pugwash was always a bit dodgy. They probably wouldn't be allowed to show it to kids nowadays.

It's the same with Debbie Does Trumpton.

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After requests from @rockpopandchips , @Kushan_Farsight , and none other than his excellency @TheBaron I have had to bow down and take a couple more pictures.



Here, sitting at dispersal (The patio, which could do with a jetwash again!)



For some reason it looks mostly blue. The dark colour is Tamiya black/green! weird. But this is in what passes for daylight nowadays.



Some lunatic asked for a night shot. Well this is on a dark mat in the garage with simulated (40W) moonlight. I don't think my camera is up to it!

Thanks for looking in. Pete

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Very cool design.  Thanks for taking the extra pics! 

I keep looking at this plane and thinking 'hmm, converted into an RC design this could work -   ESC/Battery in the nose, some little edf fans for the engines, differential thrust for turning........  lateral stability may be an issue but perhaps it could have an extendable/retractable lower tail........  May have to revisit this thread next summer for some RC plane inspiration! 

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