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Bf 109, Fw 190, 1/72. Tribute to Exito Decals

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I was very impressed when i got these 2 decal sheets from Exito, a new decal company. So i decided to do them all.  The Bf 109 was finished some time ago, and the Fw 190's today.

The Bf 109's are Hasegawa kits, out of box, Humbrol paints by brush. clear and satin from alclad by airbrush.

Fw 190 A-3/4 Tamiya, A-5 Eduard, painted the same way as above, only the light green for the A-5, is special mix used on the eastfront, i have chosen to go with what i think is the way they most likely did lokally, mixing RLM 70 Green with RLM 04 Yellow. This i base on looking at different color slides of mainly JG 54 planes. Dark green most likely RLM 70.


Cheers Jes



20191122_135433 20191122_135818



20191122_135810 20191122_135742 20191122_135749 20191122_135713 20191122_135720 20191122_134246 20191122_134256 20191122_134131 20191122_134142 20191122_134319 20191122_134328


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I have never heard about Exito, much to my shame! But looking at the final results, they scrub up really well!Something to keep in mind.

As to your models, even OOB they are really catchy.




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