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Some pics of an Il28 I completed recently. Possibly the worst fit of parts I've ever encountered and persevered to completion! Even the panel lines on the 2 fuselage halves didn't line up needing a full rescribe. I added an Pavel interior up front. Still got there in the end with the help of you-all!spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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Lovely work Stressy! You've found a very good orange colour for the interiors; it looks really good.


This is the Italeri kit, isn't it? It has been released also by Bilek and possibly by Trumpeter (at least the parts look identical). I built one ages ago and it was challenging; mine didn't turn out as nicely as yours. I'm currently building the all new Bobcat 1/48 scale Il-28 converting it to an Il-28R.




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The fuse at least scales to 1/72 although the nosewheel bay requires lengthening a bit at the front according to plans  supplied by  Antti (thanks). I didn't have plans for the wing. The ones contained in Warpaint were clearly wrong ( but aligned well with the old Airfix kit). It was boxed as Italeri but was also identified as  being Bilek. I  think the Trumpeter one is much the same. The parts looked quite promising untill you started trying to put them together  

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