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I'm just going to sneak this in here if I may....





Haven't done much painting in the past few months, but after finally finishing off a PR Mossie have been getting into the swing of things again. 

Decided to make a start on this in between tackling a Tamiya Corsair. 

As you'd expect, there's not many parts 





But with it being Bandai it's beautifully moulded and engineered.


Although there's two in the box, I'll just be doing one of them to start with. 

Still toying with the paint scheme to go for, but I'm leaning towards something similar to the markings seen in Ralph McQuarries artwork 



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Oh. This shouldn't be here. 



If a Mod spots this can it be moved the Sci-Fi related group please. 

And I'll resume my place in the naughty corner. 


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20 minutes ago, fubar57 said:

My comments made a bit more sense when this thread was accidentally posted in the "Aircraft Section"

You might have got away with it if you'd pointed out the fuselage is adapted from an F-14 kit.

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On 20/11/2019 at 20:01, Steve Coombs said:

the fuselage is adapted from an F-14 kit.

@Steve Coombs Good knowledge! 

I'm definitely going about this is in a back-to-front way...



So I've sprayed on the colours for the markings, then I'll mask them off before spraying the main off white colour.
I thought it might be a little easier to mask off the small orange rectangles on the wings in this manner. We'll see  

The colours were mixed from some Games Workshop paints that I dug out. They are little bit more punchy than I was hoping for. Will try and fade them a bit when weathering and if all else fails and very thin dusting of Tamiya buff might do the trick. 

Speaking of the off-white  colour I'm still undecided about what to use. 

One option I've thought of is Tamiya flat white with a bit of buff mixed in. 

Or I should have some Games Workshop bleached bone hiding somewhere. 


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Finished of part of the masking.




And then sprayed the main colour. Went for a 3:1 ish mix of Games Workshop ceramic white and bleached bone.





The orange markings are overly large compared to the picture I'm using as a reference, but I'm happy enough with them.

Gave it a very quick coat of Klear this morning, then remembered the white triangle needs doing on the nose. I'm thinking I might just ignore the very small white triangles on the blue fin strips.... Artist licence and all that. 


Not 100% sure if it'll be ok to mask over the Klear coat in 12hrs time. Might just leave it for another day and work of the Corsair instead this evening. 



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Little bit more progress.

Painted the white triange on the nose (top and bottom) and given it another coat of Klear. 

Going to give it a day or two to cure then on with some panel lines. I'm going to risk oil paints and odorless terps. I've seen other people talk of Bandai plastic cracking when exposed to terps, but that was a few years ago.

Has anyone come across the issue recently or have Bandai changed their plastic? 




And yes, I made a start on another Bandai kit!


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