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A Tale of Two Veterans - a Small Vignette

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Hi all,


After a bit of a delay, I finally managed some shots of the finished article this morning. The WIP thead, which only covers the building of the vignette itself (and not the figures!) can be found here should you be so curious .


As ever, the close-up shots of the figures (particularly their faces) reveal just how bad I am at painting faces, among many other skills! Ah well, one day I will improve - I hope.


Anyway, here are the photos, I hope you enjoy them:

















For the avoidance of doubt, I wasn't attempting to make any kind of political statement in doing this, save to paint my own perceptions of how differently we seem to view ex-service personnel depending on which conflicts they served in. I'd like to think that they are all, without exception, worthy of our thanks and appreciation for their sacrifice whatever form that took.


Comments, of course, are welcome, with a small caveat which I hope everyone will understand (I think it's a house rule anyway): please, no politics!


Thanks to everyone who looked in, or commented on the WIP - your input is appreciated.

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This is deep, but you kept it simple, even if you weren't trying. I was never in the military and I'm antiwar. I do know and have known a few people who were in the military. It's to bad that after service, so many are discarded like old equipment. I hear about this a lot in the U.S. but I guess it happens everywhere. I know it has and still does in Canada to. This is a good diorama.

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