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The 3rd in a series of Brave Borderer paint colour questions


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This time it's the main deck.  Was it M19 deck green or M02 dark sea grey?


I've been unable to find a clear colour photo of HMS Brave Borderer's main deck.  A few photos I found are colourized, but it's not really clear whether the deck was green or grey.


I've also found a few colour photos of other RN cold war era patrol boats that have grey decks, while some had green decks.


I'm leaning towards painting the deck of my BB model grey, but thought I'd ask for your feedback first.  What do you think -  green or grey?





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49 minutes ago, Courageous said:

Not sure if you watch this film footage.

Hi Stuart.


Yes, that's a cool video.  I've taken a number of screen shots as reference for my build.


Speaking of videos, here's a link to an article that includes an RN video that I hadn't seen before.  It turns out to be a cigarette advertisement, but it has some nice shots of post WWII RN coastal forces - Spitfires of the Sea.  Note the grey decks.



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