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Saab JA-37 Viggen [1/72 Special Hobby]


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The end of my F-15 ring the start of a new project.

This time I exit of my stach a new Special Hobby production : the Saab JA-37 Viggen

This plane is an icone of the sweedish air force.


Special Hobby has this model at the 1/48 and 1/72 scale. I was product in cooperation with Tarangu. But the Special Hobby is more easy to acquire than Tarangu product and it is more cheaper !


The artbox show a plane in a grey scheme




But for a Viggen, THE decoration cannot be otherwise with the 4 tones (greens, black, brown) scheme. The box permit a plane with this.

I started a test fit with principal parts.

The plane is heavily cut. The fuselage is in 4 parts. The test fit show some attention point.

The main point is certainly the air intake. I think this parts needs a large amount of putty?

The over point who need somes atttention is the junction of the two demi fuselage.


But I haven't find other problem.



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That I can remember from building mine the front-aft fuselage joint and the extender ring (that it seems the box art forgot) the JA had there was indeed the filler-hungriest bit on the outside of the aircraft. I have no memory of the intake trunking calling for anything much, but I may just have ignored that as not sufficiently visible to be worth the bother (contrary to the real thing I won't be crawling through it). Looking at the finished kit I do see a step that kinda sorta oughta have been taken care of between the intake parts and the trunking part.

The clear parts for the wing lights didn't fit all that well for me either, so dry fit those and be prepared to fiddle a bit with them.


As a little tangent for those who care, the different camo schemes for Viggen were due to the different variants and their different missions. The mostly green splinter for the strike and recon birds that would be stealing clotheslines and ploughing fields as they went past and two-tone grey for the fighters up high. But painting all the fighters in their own camo was apparently seen as making things a bit too easy on the enemy, and so to keep them guessing a few of the fighters were also dressed up in the low-altitude camoflage.

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Not exactly right. The fighter were first in the splinter camo.  In 1982 they started testing different grey colours before deciding on the two tone grey that most fighters got.

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My appologise to haven't give some news of this built.


My model is well advance

The details level for the cockpit is very nice for the scale
It need only some attention for the paint.






After the cockpit, I start to build the fuselage

I glued the air intake directly on the upper section. With this, I avoid to use a great putty amonth. It is also more easy to sand this part


I tried fit the fuselage and at first I not see some problem




But I noted two problems on my kit

The foot of the panel instrument is too long. I removed pedals and cut the foot to insert my panel instrument

The second problem is the junction between the fuselage and the wing on the rear. I use clamp on the part after glued the front part with extra fluid tamiya glue




Before close the fuselage, I painted the exhaust nozzle.

The details is also very well. I choose to not open completly the exhaust and show some details



Now my model is assembled




I can start the paint

It is THE challenge for all Viggen !

I paint the light green on all the Viggen, mask the light green parts, paint the dark green on all the Viggen, mask the dark green part and paint the dark.

For the brown, I mask the dark only on the section just beside the brown.

Now I can remove all masks








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With the containment in France, I can advance my project. I have more time to do

I paint the big letter and set the decals.

They are plenty decals and I spent two evenings to do it


Some decals are very difficults to set specially them behind the canon


A last varnish spray and I can remove all masks (canopy and air intake)














Now I cocentrate my time for the landing gear.

The main gear is complex with several parts. The details level is very high and I think they need only the add of hydrolic hoses






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