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NAS North Island Vikings

Old Viper Tester

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Some S-3 Vikings on the NAS North Island ramp, March 1982. Had some time to kill as my Test Pilot School class waited at North Island for our COD transport to the USS Ranger for carrier operations familiarization.


157996 of VS-41

157996 vs-41 NJ751 KSAN 19820304 34cr


159396 of VS-41

159396 vs-41 NJ727 KSAN 19820304 27cr


159417 of VS-41

159417 vs-41 NJ752 KSAN 19820304 32cr


159750 of VS-41

159750 vs-41 NJ742 KSAN 19820304 29cr


160124 of VS-21

160124 vs-21 NE701 KSAN 19820304 15cr


160127 of VS-33

160127 vs-33 N 701 KSAN 19820304 09cr


160128 of VS-33

160128 vs-33 NH702 KSAN 19820304 11cr


160132 of VS-33, with COD pod.

160132 vs-33 NH706 KSAN 19820304 02cr


160133 of vs-33

160133 vs-33 NH707 KSAN 19820304 07cr


160598 of VS-29

160598 vs-29 NL711 KSAN 19820304 37cr


Thanks for looking,


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It is wonderful to see these Sven. It is amazing how quickly they have been forgotten. 


I wonder what happened to the one with the yellow tail? That would make a great model



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You wouldn't happen to have any photos of VS-33 Vikings? The World famous and Internationally Traveled Screwbirds have always been my favorite ASW/Patrol squadron- sadly, they were disestablished several years ago. There is a large four foot tall mahogany  Screwbird at the Cubi Point restaurant at the Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola, along with some of their cruise plaques. See the link for some VS-33 Screwbird Viking photos. Thanks, as always for sharing your incredible collection with the rest of us. 







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20 hours ago, 72modeler said:

You wouldn't happen to have any photos of VS-33 Vikings?

Some of the S-3s above are from VS-33 - they have the Screwbird emblem aft of the cockpit but these are before they started using the larger Screwbird image on the tail. Also have this one from an NAS Miramar airshow, July 1989.


159399 vs-33 NG701 KNKX 19890720 19cr


159399 vs-33 NG701 KNKX 19890720 26




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