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Scale Auto Magazine?

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it is published with regularity and contains a variety of auto modeling articles. it is not exactly trendy, but rather directed to the auto hobby mainstream. 


why not join the SA forum for a week or two and see if it fits your needs:






you may have not seen this:




but the decision is the $$$ cost versus value.

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It really depends if you're mostly into the subjects our friends over the pond tend to build. If you like 1/25th (NB, not 1.24th...) models of Detroit iron from the 50s-70s and hot rods or dragsters, then you're away. If not, you're more likely to find builds of cars (and even motorbikes) you like in Airfix Model World and Tamiya Model Magazine. I subscribed to Scale Auto for a year, but I didn't renew it.


There's a generally friendly and well used forum attached to "the other" car modeling magazine (but don't ask about actual printed magazines... that side's not going so well) at http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/ Although it's also mostly populated by Americans, the range of interests and builds is wider (IMHO) than you'd see in Scale Auto's forums.


Also, if you're interested in an in-depth build of a particular subject, it's worth checking out http://www.modelersite.com/en/cars/


You have to buy the detailed articles with pictures as PDFs, but they cost about the same as one issue of a magazine and go into way more depth and detail than any magazine build article would...




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as said before, if you are not into the hot rod, us-customcars, you won't be so satisfied with scale auto mag. It's a good magazine and I got a subscription for several years now, but I won't renew it bcs I'm more interessted in european and asian classics in the moment.

The modelcarmag-forum is an interessanting place, you will also find names you know from britmodeller, and the threats are also international, like here.

Marco F

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