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ScaleBro's Chibi Viking Warrior

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After seeing a completed build of the Company's 'Pulp Fiction' figures ( Here ) I just had to check the company out. And so this one and Leon, were soon winging their way to me.

The warrior is a superbly cast piece of resin, with just a few separate cast items - face guard, shield, sword and base.

Spent a couple of hours last night getting his face painted, colours from the Mr Paint range - Basic Flesh, Dark Shadow, Light Skin. - Basic flesh first in a couple of layers then a wash of dark shadow over the whole face, to find the shadow areas. then the shadow areas and highlights were painted in with various darker and lighter shades. to give him a bellowing and cold look some red was added into the highlight mix, then to tie it all up a wash coat of basic flesh was applied. The lips were painted in various shades of red from AK, from reddish black/brown through to crimson red and a few taps of pink and dark red tapped onto the lips. Helmet is base coated along with the beard, which will now have progressively lighter shades of yellow added in layers.










Thanks for looking

p.s. Think this is the first time the carpet monster has devoured a whole resin figure , need to send out the special forces team to find him. 🙂

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