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RAF/FAA aircraft in WW2

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I found this while looking for something else- isn't that what usually happens? Some of these I'm sure you have seen before, but many I think will be new to many of you, and there are some rare types in some of the photos. A lot of good modeling project possibilities here, I think. I wish I could identify many of the pilots, units, dates, and locations, but I'm betting some of you will be able to do that. Enjoy! (Moderators: if you need to move this post to a more appropriate location, please do so, as I was guessing this might be the most appropriate location.)





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23 hours ago, Hardcastle said:

Ettienne who runs that site is a member on here as far as I know0



I could not remember his name, but I knew there was a BM member associated with that site. Merci, Etienne! He deserves the credit, Tim.


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