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Fw 190 A-4Y "Weisse 6, 8 & 10" of 1./JG 1

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I've posted this on TOCH but maybe it's gonna be more interesting as a discussion for you guys...

Namely, I am looking at the photos of 1./JG 1 machines in JG1 & 11 books on pages 321 & 322 & in Rodeike's Fw 190 book on page 114 (same photo as on 321) and realizing that both "Weisse 6" and "Weisse 8" feature a circular shape where IV Gruppe disc was overpainted after machines were passed over to new unit (I./JG 1). All three machines have painted cowling overall white.

Q1: I wonder if we could assume that "Weisse 10" photographed at the approximately the same time would feature the same thing behind the fuselage cross? Eduard's new Weekend Edition kit doesn't show this feature on their instructions. Unfortunately, all three photos on Page 322 showing "Weisse 10" do not show this area (either due to the framing or because the ground crew is covering it in a total shot).

Q2: Cutting Edge Decals CED48192 features "Weisse 8" and shows it with the overpainted disc as per the above-mentioned images. It instructs that the Malteser-Kreuz should be applied to the port side of the fuselage but the only photo showing this machine is from the starboard side. I wonder if Malteser-Kreuz was applied to all the machines of 1./JG 1 or not?

Q3: The same decal sheet shows the under-cowling area to be painted red! I am not a believer in red cowlings (although I have seen few color shots showing them) and wonder it there is any reason for this to be so?

Q4: Is there any more photos of these three machines published anywhere else? I am mostly interested in the port side shot of Weisse 8 and the starboard shot of Weisse 10. Any pointer would be greatly appreciated!}


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