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74 squadron Gloster Meteor

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hi guys, i am looking for serial numbers for Meteor F.8 operating with 74 squadron, i have several but have gaps missing, code numbers , A,B,C,H,L,N,O,R,U,V,and W, yes i understand theses codes are carried by more than one aircraft.

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From Roger Lindsay's Cold War Shield Vol 1:


A WA772 16/10/53-22/10/57

B WK804 30/9/52-7/6/56

C VZ544 2/9/54-28/12/55 and WE923 13/9/56-21/3/57

H WF708 18/7/51-8/4/57 (but latterly as I)

L VZ515 16/12/54-15/7/55 and WF655 9/3/54-19/10/54

N WA772 16/10/53-22/10/57 (but latterly as A) 

O no record

R WA997 10/10/52-27/1/56

U WE960 3/12/52-24/9/54 

V WA873 18/8/53-24/4/56

W VZ529 12/9/50-17/4/57


Lindsay also gives other serials for some of the above individual letters for the era when 4D squadron codes were worn.




For future reference, you'll probably get a better response posting this sort of question  in the Military Aircraft Modelling/Cold War section

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