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AD-4W/AEW [1/72 Sword]

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Mon spitfire etant fini, c'est le moment de sortir une autre maquette de la pile

My Spitfire Mk22 finish, it's time to build another model.

This time I choose in my stach a sword model

I have several sword kit but it's the first time I built one

I always find their artbox beautifull


After some hesitation, I choose the AD-4W/AEW and specially the british version in "Musketer Operation" with his black/yellow stripes.


The artbox




On the net, we find some photo of real aircraft.
The artbox has some little error:


- The A is to great

- The attack angle mark are only on the left side




This error can easily corrected


For now I haven't photo of the kit, but I made some test fit

The kit look like good but need some attention on several point


- The front radar- junction

- The fuselage-wing junction : fuselage appear little thin


Another problem, if you follow the advice for the rear wheels bay, it is impossible to built.

The upper piece is too long and with a bad curve. This piece should be rebuild but I haven't the courage
I glued the side panels directly on the fuselage. I add the upper part on one fuselage side

With this, if it is not perfect, this will make illusion

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To add to your list, you can see that the fuselage roundel and code are transposed. 

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Based on some detailed research by my go-to guy for AD Skyraiders, Ed Barhtelmes, I'm updating my post on the Sword kit. See https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2019/08/sword-172-douglas-ad-4w-skyraider.html


Still to come are illustrations of the different antenna configurations by BuNo block and a cross reference of the AEW.1 serial numbers versus BuNos. I'm also building one but making slow progress. Both Ed and I had trouble putting the tail wheel well together (step 1). He put more effort into it than I did; I just slid the side parts 14 and 15 forward with respect to part 23 (the top of the well) and then cut off the aft end of 23 that was sticking out before adding part 62. There was still a small gap at the forward end between the sides and the top but it can't be seen when installed. Another necessary kludge is to provide a better mounting point for the tail gear in the well. It is similarly necessary to hog out the dimples on the fuselage to accommodate the pins on the horizontal stabilizer (note that part numbers 25 and 29 are reversed in the instructions but the pin locations are Murphy-proof. There are some other assembly and markings glitches noted in the link above.

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Many thanks for this informations.

I have the same problem with parts 14-15

I think that this model has never been a test build by sword for this point.


I search also some informations for the wheels bays. If there are in the color scheme or in other colors ?

I find a photo for the cockpit who is black but not the wheels bays

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Some little news


I build the wheels bays but without follow the advice.

I use the kit parts for the flanks.

But I use the center part for the rear and I made the center part with evergreen plastic card

You need kut some engraved on the wing




For the fuselage I added some plastic card to help the build




I drilled the exhaust pipe. It is easy to do and the look is far better






I prefered to drill the holes for the ailerons head




I glued the rear bay flanks directly on the fuselage. I added a plastic card on the gap.




Now I can see the general view of the kit with global test fit




I think I have some work on the fuselage/wing section









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The next step : the cockpit

I haven't photos of AD-4W cockpit. But after the paint, I think it should be possible to use photos of the classical Skyraider


I paint all the cockpit in black

I made a dry brush and paint some buttons in red for having some color touch in fhis black cockpit

I added too seats belt. But because the canopy can't be opened I think it is not necessary to add another details.











i glued the wing. On a wing, they are some works for eliminate a step






I started to find the color. The notice didn't give any reference

I use the paint in my stock

I made 2 try

The first with 4 parts X-3 (Tamiya) + 2 parts H326 (Gunze)
The second with 4 parts X-3 + 4 parts H326 + 2 parts H2

Why I use the H2 glossy black ? Because I have this color in my stock and I didn't use it



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Follow this link. http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/douglas-skyraider-in-detail/

Good info on the AD-4W. This happens to be of the Swedish Air Force tow target aircraft.


Doing a great job on this kit. Was curious about it in 1/72nd scale. Have the ESCI/ScaleCraft, AMT/ERTL kits. Many of them.

This is a modified Monogram 1/48th scale A-1J way back in 1981.



Watching with interest. Your progressing along quite nicely.


All The Best,

Ron VanDerwarker

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On 05/11/2019 at 22:11, hsr said:

Those pictures are just so sad😢

I so agree, so sad to seeing ‘my old’ Skyraider in such a state.   I remember her coming from RNAS Culdrose to The Aero Park in Cornwall.  She was on loan from the FAA museum and kept in the hanger looking pristine.   Sadly the commercial side of the Park took over and the aircraft were pushed outside to the ravages of Cornish sea air where all thing’s aluminium turn to dust.  
At least she has a home back at the museum, but sadly I fear will never be restored again.

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Fuselage closed.

I inserted some plastic rod to extend the fuselage for a better fit with the wing.


Wit this, the gap between the wing and fuselage is minimal


I inserted the cockpit after close the fuselage.







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The radar is in place.


But I need to use miliput for this.

There is a gap on the radar rear. The gap is so important that I use miliput.


For this, I set a tamiya tape on the fuselage.
I made a miliput puddle and put it on the radar.
I dry the tamiya tape and set up the radar. The water avoid the miliput to glue on the fuselage.


After I glued the radar and fill putty  between radar and fuselage.
I think I will use acetone for smooth the putty











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Rémi - Thanks very much for taking the lead on this kit with excellent build notes. They are very helpful because you are well ahead of me. I am concerned about the location of the radome, however. It looks like it is positioned too low relative to the fuselage. If so, it will sit too low to the ground if the landing gear length is correct or the landing gear will appear to be too long (which is already a concern). The distance between the leading edge of the wing (where the upper and lower surfaces meet) and the bottom of the radome should be about 19 mm, certainly no more that 20. Could you measure it and let me know what it is on your build? Thanks in advance.

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Alleouia !

After several seance of putty -sanding (I use the classical Gunze putty and the Gunze liquid putty 500 for the finish) the radar integration finished.






I add some spacer for the engine. With these I think the engine placement will be better




And a photo for tailspin turtle. I hope it helps





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On 11/24/2019 at 1:40 PM, Rémi said:



And a photo for tailspin turtle. I hope it helps



Thanks - it looks like the bottom of the radome is about 2 mm too low (it doesn’t sound like much, but there isn’t that much clearance between the bottom of the radome and the ground, only 4 mm, so it will made a notable difference visually).  Ed Barthelmes spent some time fettling the interface of the radome with the bottom of the fuselage so his was closer to my best guess. If it is low, then the landing gear struts might be long enough, i.e.  too long, which is a possibility although after Ed enlarged the hole in the wing that the strut goes into, they seemed about right. With the airplane level (not on its landing gear), the struts without wheels should not quite or just touch the ground (table) when the bottom of the radome does. For my drawings, see http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2019/11/ad-4w-three-views.html . Note that they might not exactly match the kit since it appears to be based in part on the Hasegawa 1/72 AD (A-1) kit.


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Thanks for your drawing


I tested my gear legs and they are a little too long.
The axe of the wheels is bellow of the bottom radome


Not on the photo, last night I follow the instruction and glu pieces 48-49, but after reflexion, I think these pieces are not necessary. I removed them

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2 hours ago, Rémi said:

Thanks for your drawing


I tested my gear legs and they are a little too long.
The axe of the wheels is bellow of the bottom radome


Not on the photo, last night I follow the instruction and glu pieces 48-49, but after reflexion, I think these pieces are not necessary. I removed them

Thanks - Note that 48 and 49 are for the early version of the AD-4W landing gear. See https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2019/08/sword-172-douglas-ad-4w-skyraider.html

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