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1/700 small boats ?

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Hi Team

In many 1/700 dios, modellers feature small boats servicing larger vessels.  I'm aware some of these are ship's boat from the larger ship, others including sailing vessels etc are not.


I've web searched to find offerings with no real success.  There's the Tamiya Tugger set which comes close but that seems to be it.

I've tried all of the big suppliers.

Anyone know where I can source these items?

Thanks in advance



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I suggest you try the smaller resin companies.  I think Loose Cannon used to do various harbour (sorry, harbor) fittings including some of the USN boats.  There was another Japanese company that did a harbour set, but I suspect that the vessels will have overlapped with the Tamiya ones.  I do know of a kit of the special lighter that carried a Yamato turret, but I doubt that's for you.


Look at the companies advertising on Model Warship, and also those on Hobbycraft Japan.


I suspect the sailing craft will have been of local origin and very non standard, so your chance of any of those will be slight.



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Have you tried Starling Models?  They have a number of different options, including some rather nice little Asian sailing boats.  It is worth looking through the list of companies but that will take you some time.

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L'Arsenal do a set AC70037 Royal Navy Speedboats in 1/700 scale that consist of 14 boats. There are two of each, 32" Life Cutter, 36" Life Cutter, 27" Whaler, 35" Motor Boat, 14" Dinghy and a pair of 16" Motor Dinghy's.

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Thanks Mike - I found them belatedly. 

Will you have them on Saturday at the show? - if its a yes - will you keep me some back please.  I just took Flyhawk's Penelope off you and am thinking of adding some tugs to a dio.

Rob Matthews

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