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Hi all.


This kit was given to me by a friend to accompany the AT-AT also from Bandai to 1/144 on the scene, diorama or vignette that I am doing about the battle of Hoth of The Empire Strikes Back.

It is really simple, so much that it does not carry a passenger compartment. Like the rest of the ships at this scale produced by Bandai: Wing A, X and Y.

The Staples. Normally I do not usually put pictures of them since rarely the detail of the pieces can be observed correctly in them and they only serve to see their distribution. But in this case it can be done, although it has really been to show the few pieces of which it consists. Honestly, I think they could have done something of the cabin, minimal but existing, even if it didn't look much anyway. At AT-AT, where it is virtually impossible to see I think they have solved it magnificently, as well as their pilots (considering the scale). A pity that the crystals in this model have to be painted black.





I finished riding in about 30 minutes. As the coin is widely seen I have put a cigarette lighter as a reference. Anything known is worth it.








As it will not be placed on the base provided by the kit I have closed the hole in the bottom. For this I have used the bumper of the black plastic piece that must go in place.

Once the macro has been applied, I observe that I will have to use putty diluted in acetone to cover some small hole in the bottom where the glue has not been enough to convert the joint of pieces into a panel line and review a section in which the molten plastic has covered. Really natural almost no difference can be seen between panels.





I could not resist "improving", even minimally, what the kit offers so I took the scriber and distributed some "screws" through the panel lines. I have taken more into account the logic and its possible placement than a specific reference. After all, it is about trying to visually enrich it one more point, if that is possible. The stupid thing about it is that I have not thought of having the 1/48 kit as a reference, which I also have.








In search of the base color.

The friend with whom I maintain this duel made me the point that although both the AT-AT and the Snowspeeder have a light gray color it is not exactly the same.
Regarding this, it was clear that the AT-AT would carry the mixture proposed by Bandai, after making it and appearing appropriate. However, regarding the Snowspeeder I had doubts because it should be a light gray that differs from the AT-AT gray. Looking at the range of light gray that I have, which is quite abundant, I stayed with two: Gunze H-338 and a mixture that I made in his day for a Mirage F.1M.

I have finally airbrushed the gray of the F.1M.





Next, I masked to apply with Gray the identifying stripes of Luke's Snowspeeder as that of the Squad Leader, unlike the rest that are red. With a liquid mask and later with a brush I have made chunks in the ligth gray.







I keep painting the gray identification bands at the bottom. In the upper one there are some marks in red that the kit brings in decals. I prefer to use Vallejo red, somewhat lowered with yellow, and paint them with a brush.
As the gray color that I used for the Squad Leader marks seems a bit dark (I think I should have used Neutral Gray XF-53 or similar) I decide to “lighten it up” a bit and how to mask again I don't feel like laborious.


I decide to apply the very diluted base color on the dark gray to lighten it.


After the experience of the screws this time I use the instructions of the kit at 1/48 as a reference and apply the base color slightly darkened in some panels.










The fouling of the model has been to apply different shades of Vallejo brown in the form of filters, some lighter and others darker. The chipping has been with a mixture of gray and black, although I usually do it with one of brown and black.
As I progressed, it seemed to me that I was short. However, once finished and looking at the photos, because in person it did not give me that feeling so much, it seems to me that I have passed. It is true that these ships "had" a very neglected appearance, but I would have liked to leave it with a not-so-carried appearance.











The next step has been to varnish in gloss, apply oil to highlight panel lines, place decals and varnish in matt.

















At this point, it is only the model left to place the harpoon launcher, which is already finished, and paint the crystals in black.
I will show that in Ready for Inspection.











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Thanks you, John.


I would have liked to experience some technique that I have pending to use but the size has not allowed me to. I have done what I could with the brush in the application of dirt.

With the model in hand there is no dirt or chipping as exaggerated as in these photos so enlarged.





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Thanks you, Mikey-1980.


Bandai produces a fantastic kit of this ship at 1/48 scale. I have it in hiding next to others. All the kits I've seen from Bandai so far have incredibly good detail and quality.



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Aghgh ...


It's a shame not to have known before. If I had known, I would have contacted you. Now it is impossible to take off to replace.
However I have been seeing some things and they are very interesting. Especially the Millennium Falcon since I wanted to do the radar antenna in scratch and well I have not given the attempt very well.
When the time comes to do the MF I will contact you, and I do not rule out that I buy any part for some other kit, it is a matter of looking carefully at the entire catalog.


Thank you !!!





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