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Varnish thinner ratio psi nozzle distance initial go to list survey


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Easy reference quick start guide to thinning and spraying varnishes.

Prompted by the fact that I am about to spray Humbrol satin cote with no idea what ratio, thinners, psi etc etc will work., and with failure of Alclad ll to go satin this time compared to last time...

I wish to create a thread, that may become pinned if useful, where modellers can list what thinners and thinner ratio, psi, nozzle, distance they find did a nice job, so saving hours spent experimenting, especially if armed with a variety of varnishes and thinners, it will become days, and when trying to get something built for a deadline we want to reach for something that others find works for them, as a start point at least. Instant help and be up and running, time spent spraying one's model not figuring out what went wrong.


Please populate the list with the details headed. I have added temp and humidity as these seem to play a major role on frosting or finish achieved. If you wish to say how many passes single or double and if 'wet' feel free.

Varnish(make and title)     thinner Make     ratio of thinners as % added     psi (when air flowing)     distance     temperature     humidity




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Varnish(make and title)     thinner              ratio of thinners as % added     psi (when air flowing)     distance     temperature     humidity


Future                                  None                   %100 Future                              Around 15, 20 Max.           10-15cm       24 Celcius          n/a

Humbrol Clear                     None                   %100 H.Clear                             Around 15, 20 Max.           10-15cm       24 Celcius         n/a

Vallejo Gloss Varnish           Water or               %60 Varnish, %40 Thinner        Around 15, 20 Max.           15-20cm        24 Celcius        n/a

                                           own thinner


Will write the results of Mr.Color's Clear as well when i try it.

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    hi ALL ,


                 I have be havin' problems with spraying KLEER on my Ink Jet Self  Printed Transfers,

                 too much..... the Ink runs, too little the Transfer curls up on applicatshun.

                 When sprayed on, it comes out rippley  ( suspect thats the drops of added H2o  ),,,,,,,,, yesterday I discovered that the dried Polish

                 can be buffed to make the Surface smooth before application......   wwweeelll..... IT IS a Floor Polish !

                 Does KLEER/FUTURE go off ?


                  I have applied warm KLEER to Models with a broad brush....... but don't muck about with the appliciatshun, single strokes only.


                                                                                                     cheery "modellin' " mumbas !




                                                                                                                                         F.T.G. 3156

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I don't rely on ratios, I rely on thickness, like 1% milk or a little thinner. For Mr Color Gloss (C46), I thin with Mr Leveling Thinner, spray at 15 PSI (1 atm), 0.5mm nozzle, 5-15cm, temp no lower than 18c. Being in Southern CA, humidity is generally low unless its actually raining or the marine layer is overhead (I live near the coast).


For flat and satin, Microscale Industries Micro Flat or Micro Satin, thinned with water as above. Spraying as above.


All three dry quite quickly. I'll usually only apply multiple coats for gloss. As always, coverage first then a final gloss coat.





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I mix about that much clear to sort of this much thinner then turn the compressor on and test spray. If needed, I'll add a splash of this or a nip of that, up or down a whiff on the air pressure and off I go.


Much too technical to convert to actual numbers.

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