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Nice Jugs and Lightnings!


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Good morning from chilly but sunny South Central Texas! I just now found this footage, and thought some of you might enjoy looking at it. The P-47 razorback footage shows the aircraft in their early markings, and you will notice that many appear to have been waxed, which was fairly common early on for more speed. I think these are early P-47D's from the 56th and 4th FG's.  The P-38's I think are from the 55th FG. I have also posted a link to a very nice website that has details of the production variants of the P-47D and other reference material that might be useful for modelers, as well as a third link that has footage of P-38's, P-47's, and P-51's beating up Luftwaffe airfields after being detached from the bombers.









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Wonderful footage Mike and many thanks for posting that. Being a bit of a 4th nut I was very interested to see the in-air footage of Capt Hagan's VF-H which I don't think I've see before.


All of it was simply superb though and I also got a kick out of all the wonderful footage of flying kit as well.


Thanks again!



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