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Bedford TM 4 x 4

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Looking to find out if there any plastic or resin kits either 1/72(76) or 1/35 of the Cold War Bedford TM 4 x 4 cargo or any variant there of .  Supposedly some 2,000 were made but to date I have not found any kits of it available.

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There was an white metal kit by Barry White, BW-models.


Now this kit is a resin copy by MilMod, available from Aviation Megastore - Netherlande.


But the kit is very overpriced and the markings mostly fictional.


At the moment, only the TM 6x6 is in stock:







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You are correct.  Parkins is only showing the MK version which I mistook for the TM.




thank you for the links.  And the price for 1/72 kit is out of my interest range.


Oh, well.  I'll just have to wait.

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