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224 Peter

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This is my new "dirty" corner, for painting and airbrushing. At the other end, to the right, is a clean bench for doing anything that doesn't involve paint. 

I'm left handed, so the brush to the left works well. 

The window points NW, so really good light. 




When spraying/airbrushing I use the face mask in the picture, but I'm thinking of some sort of extraction ventilation to go out of the window. 

Has anyone here made up an extraction system? I'm thinking of using a cooker hood fan, and making a wooden plate to go between the window and the frame. 


All comments, as ever, most welcome! 

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HI Peter


I'm still looking at extraction, and whether to buy a cooker hood (cheapest Ive found is on Amazon)  or  a 'proper' system, so I'll be interested on what you put in place


If you vent out the open window though, would you have problems when the weather turns for the worst with either rain or wind by having your bench directly underneath - do love the natural light it gives you though



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I'm debating having a roofer put an extractor vent through the roof, like a bathroom extraction vent, and using a simple fan. 

You are right about the wind, with the window open it would only work well when the wind is from the S and S/W. 



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