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Roden DC-7c into

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 Almost my best ever GB non-event- at least I started a thread! But promptly forgot all about it- I can't even blame mojo failure this time, so I'll take to the skies again; maybe

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It's amazing what a KUTA can do! More progress in a few days than in the whole of the original GB; some plastic fondling highlights dodgy fit issues, but as there's no locating pins there's plenty of flew. Currently done a few dry runs of the wing assemblies and can't quite figure out how the flaps are meant to look, think I need a good source.

Also the fuselage has a gentle warp along it, but some brutal clamping when I get to joining them should cure that.

I'm more troubled by the complete lack of u/c well 'detail' especially for the NLG. I'm trying to improve my build rate by doing less detailing, but at first glance I can't even see such useful detail as locating lugs.

Good to be working on this though.

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To maintain one of my GB traditions, no sooner start than I'm away for three weeks. At least with a completely unstated GB entry, I'm not scratching my head trying to figure out what I've done which has got to help.

Here's some photos though




Pretty sure this is how the trailing edge lines up though the fit of the upper and lower halves of the nacelles is atrocious. I hadn't noticed at first, but good see that the old Matchbox 2-tone pre-coloured is still around- how many shades of grey?!



Plaststrut in place to held join it all together, but really this is to show that wheel well detail! As I'll be using decals instead of transparancy, my plan it to use the flight deck for ballast and figure out the minimum for the wheel well, but at least enough to hold the u/c in place.


And finally, a preview of that fuselage warp



Naively/ optimistically I still think I can clamp it together!


But it is a shapely bird and I really don't know why (apart from amnesia) it never made it into the GB is was brought for




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Back from my travels and time to knuckle down with a sizeable chunk of the GB schedule already behind me!

As has been flagged up, one of the problems with this kit is the lack of nose bay detail or even locating lugs for the u/c. I can live without the lack of detail (yep I'm a bodger), but I don't want the nose gear collapsing.

There are no doubt more elegant ways of doing this, but I've gone for this


Tacked in place for this photo, what I've done is used plastastrut to build up the two ridges on the foot of the cockpit floor and cut notches out of the base of the u/c moulding; this should give a decent surface area for the cement. The bracing arm will then go in front and, well I suppose, brace it.


splash of paint and hopefully button up the fuselage and make progress

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On 11/10/2019 at 12:32 PM, Grandboof said:

Clamping Super glue and insta bond Good luck Still going for KLM?

Martin H


Yep, KLM it is, a very tidy (I'm getting ready for Gavin & Stacey) livery on the F-DCAL sheet

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