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Where to begin with this kit. Let's start with the pluses.

- The molding is pretty good

- There is a PE fret with seat belts antennae and some interior bits on it included.

- There is a nice interior.

- Clear parts are well done.

- Decals are opaque, sturdy and snuggle down well. 

- Included painting guides are nicely done in full color. 

Now the minuses

- Fit overall is iffy at best

- In every kit I've seen or heard about, the rear wing fillet is damaged or missing. 

- The engines don't fit in the cowlings

- The wheel mounts are too short so the wheel hubs can't meet them to secure the wheels.

- The wings and tails are butt jointed to fuselage, making for a joint that needs some work to fill in and great care on dihedral. 

- The windows only sort of fit. 

- The locators for the landing gear V struts are mis-located. They are too far forward. 

- The cowls are not "keyed', so you don't know where to put the exhaust stacks. 

- The instructions are of the "part flying into a sort of location" type. 

- The support struts on the tail, while all the same length, for some reason all need to be trimmed to fit in each location. 


So, with all that said, here it is. 












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Nice result and thanks for small review! - important for future use, since the kit is waiting in stash :)




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You’ve certainly made a great job of a pig of a kit there - well done I say! :) 

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I’ve got this in the stash so can only hope to get it anywhere near the standard you’ve achieved here. Looks gorgeous in silver too, first one I’ve seen finished that way :)


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That's quite a nice build. Thanks for the list of minor deficiencies which it looks as though you overcame fairly easily. I am told the main problem in fit is the necessity to correct the slope of the cabin floor. It looks like having good references is a good idea.

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