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The dreaded lure of the yellow wings


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Hi ,just bought the above kit off ebay ,it was advertised as an Academy kit ,but AM markings were on it ,so that is neither here nor there .

It is dated 2005 and the well known fault on the fuselage sides were present ,anyone out there who has built this kit ,any advice would be helpful .

Also i understand the instructions are not all that clear .

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9 minutes ago, iainpeden said:

How about another clue as to type of a/c.

My first guess is a Harvard, my second is something pre-WW2 from the USN.

Says sb2u vindicator at the top. 

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I believe the SB2U-1 has a little problem with the wings.  They seem to have the dihedral of the SB2U-3, which was greater than that of the -1 and -2.  Additionally, there are minor (or 'it's unbuildable' depending on your mindset) issues with the cartridge ejector slots on the underwing surface.

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Hi ,thanks for the replies ,the faults i were referring to are the sink  marks on the fabric covered fuselage ,a bit difficult to keep the detail .

The title of the post was a sort of joke ,i lose all reasoning when i see a yellow winged kit ,i have managed to fight off the urge to get the Kittyhawk 1/32 Kingfisher kit .😀😀

Don't know why that is .

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