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Aircraft History Vol.1 RAF Little Rissington by Mark Smith

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A slim line book of 48 pages but do not be put off this is a gem for modelers. This profiles the colour schemes of Central Flying School aircraft from 1946-1976 from the Tiger Moth ,Prentice, Provost, Meteor, Vampire, Jet Provost and Gnat thru to the Jetstream mostly in 1/72 scale . The Varsity is profiled in 1/96th scale.  All the colour schemes of post war RAF Flying Training Command are portrayed. A must have for anybody who models aircraft of that era. Very inspiring. Retails at £17.99 I got a £5  discount next order with the Aviation Book Centre.

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Hello David apologies for the delay yes profiles only. A more comprehensive history with photos is the book RAF Little Rissington  by Bagshaw, Deacon ,Pollock and Thomas  Pen & Sword 2006.

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I picked up a copy of this book at Bolton Model Show and it is superb with lots of well researched and drawn colour side views,..... with many different types and markings variations. The next release looks interesting too,.....post war RAF fighters,.... very highly recommended.




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