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Heinkel He111 P-2, Airfix, 1:72

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I have finally finished my first build of a WWII German aircraft in more than 40 years! Started in December 2017 it also took longer than anticipated, but it did coincide with relocating to the UAE so it's not quite as slow a build as it sounds!

Extras aded: Quickboost exhausts, Eduard Brassin guns, masks, and Interior PE set, and some of the parts from the CMK resin set for the Hasagawa kit although the landing gear doesn't fit, and I really only bought it for the wheels! The tailwheel did come in useful though.

 A full build log is here. 

 I built the kit version based in Villacoublay, France, but as the decals don't include the swastika I added them from Squadron's Aeromaster set.


I also detailed the interior a little by replacing the upper gunners seat and foot frame with brass rod/masking tape, and did the same with the co-pilot's seat. The rudder pedals were improved and I added some basic wiring to the instruments just to busy it up a little more. The glazing was a little awkward and needed some drastic filing and sanding down to get it flush, but a gentle micromesh and a coat of Pledge Floor Care Finish soon got it back to clear and shiny. The undercarriage legs are also a little on the tree-like side, so I replaced the crossmembers with brass rod. It looks much better in my opinion, even though one of the legs ended up leaning slightly outward. It's not a staring-you-in-the-face error though so I'm not too upset with that. I am a little upset by  my lack of proper research and Airfix's total lack of comments to the effect that the 2 forward windows on the fuselage don't exist on the P-2 and should be painted over - they sit exactly where the unit badge should be! I didn't notice until too late so had to relocate the badge below the cockpit. The instructions would also have you put decals on the tyres which should in fact be on the brake drums! 

All in all though a thoroughly enjoyable build.

I hope you like her!






















Thanks to all who followed along on the build, and offered comments and suggestions, all gratefully received!



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A splendid outcome, I have to say. Tidy finish, and actually looks like a larger scale - probably testament to how big the real thing is!


I have this kit in the stash, awaiting some extra display space before I commit to building it. I probably won’t go to the extent of modifying the undercarriage, but you’ve certainly shown the way for the glazed areas. Of the whole kit, I think that is what’s worrying me the most.

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Silly typo.
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Superb build, it captures the look of the He.111 very well. I've been thinking of getting one of these, and you've just persuaded me!





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