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I had an idea to do a diorama after seeing photos of an EOD team in Iraq setting up to dispose of a dud/UXO GBU-10C Laser guided bomb thundered into the desert floor.


I did allot of searching for a detailed GBU-12 with the flight fins deployed. I finally found one at Gunsmoke models. Just waiting for it to arrive. On the side I have started the diorama base of the Iraq desert.


Yesterday I received the 1/35th Meng kit. 




I was impressed with the figure proportions but the suits lacked detail in the straps and belts. Nothing a scribe can't fix.







I started with the number 1 team leader I want him in the position where he is crimping the No.12 non electric detonator onto the M700 Safety fuse. To do this the hands were close I just needed to separate a finger and reposition it as it were holding the det.






Fine micro saw


Seperation is completed and finger is softened with thin set glue to move into position.




Start on the rest of the figure.






I will paint the faces but not sure yet if I'll do it before airbrushing the suite or after. I don't want to put liquid mask over the faces from past experience it probably won't come off easily. So I'll have to figure out a system.


I am going to paint the suites in desert tan being used by the U.S. rather than the standard green. I am pretty stoked at the idea and after some weathering they should look awsome.


You can see a photo at 







Tomorrow I'll start on final scribing and sanding. Then into priming and painting the suite.


Priming with AK interactive-Desert Sand 




After a coat of AK interactive CARC Tan 686 over the primer I detailed the suite with Vallejo European Brown wash. The knee pads and chest plate we're done in Meng rubber black then creases in Valleho's Dark gray wash. 




I'll do the faces last then a coat of AK interactive Ultra Matt to bring everything to the same look.



Finished the figures tonight final stage painting faces, adding face shield, coat of ultra matt and painting the M700 Safety fuse and detonator. 




I think the guy standing needs to be holding something like a shovel in one hand and ammo can in the other which is like a det transfer box.



Over all I really liked the kit great detail no surprises. They will make a great addition to the diorama I am working on where they will be prepping to blow a GBU-12 in the desert.




Exciting day the GBU-10C 2000lb LGB arrived first look it had great detail. 















Now I need to position the dud bomb and create the inpact site. Its a shame but ill dig out the diorama base then rebuild and repaint it around the bomb.










After it dries ill  reposition the bomb do more debris then repaint there is still allot of work to be done around the bomb to make it look like an impact. I will be cutting off the guidance and control section as well as the seeker head then scratch building them to have them broken away on impact with wiring and internal components exposed.



Tonight I finished making the damaged control section(wings) and guidance section. Then primed it with Vallejo Light ghost grey primer it's kind does both jobs at once as the ghost grey is the final spec colour.


I had a box of spare PE parts for just an occasion like this.




The wings are from the kit.




The before and after 




I took a break and moved to the diorama. After doing some prep work as seen in the other photos above. Everything dried so I reposition the spare bomb and built up more around it. After the sand modge podge mix dries I'll wiggle that bomb out and let it fully dry.



Back to working.on the bomb finishing up the PE parts. I was disappointed to see the kit has no decals. I'll have to source some after market bomb decals..







Final coat Vallejo light ghost grey 70.615 over gray primer 73.601 then I did a wash of light gray 76.515 for some light weathering.









Tiny C4 charges ill place on the bomb.




I found some 1:32 GBU decals as part of a Trumpeter weapons set. So I'll take the decals I need and keep the kit for another day. I am working on the final lay out of the debris field before setting the bomb in permanently. I'll have to build up around the bomb to give it a hard impact appearance. Getting the decals on before hand is the first priority.





Finally found decals although they are coverd in dust and debris they are still visable. Tonight final coat on the desert floor in and around the impact area. I spent several days getting the bomb burried and everything cemented down and painted so it looks as realistic as possible.






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