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Dealing with steps


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Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with steps in seams.


I am building a PM Models 223 flamingo and its a really basic kit.

I have joined the two halves of the fuselage together and it has left a small step in the seam.

I have had a few goes at using putty around it and sanding down but i just seem to be creating another step with the putty.

The step is going, slowly, by using this method, just wondering if there is a better way of doing it


In hindsight I should have cut off the locating tabs on the fuselage halves and mated the surfaces bit by bit so it didn't produce a gap/step.

Oh well i'll try that next time.



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I use a rough block of 150 grit sandpaper. I grind it down until its close to flat. Then either scrape it with scalpel like steve does, or use files and eventually filler and sand paper. The big drawback is to replace panel lines either raised or scribed. 


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I did give it a little scrape/sand before using the filler. Next time i'll try and level it first.

No problems with panel lines on this little kit. It's completely devoid of them on the underneath!


I've got it quite smooth now. Taken a week due to leaving it overnight, each time, for the filler to set.

Going to give it quick primer coat and see what it looks like.

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