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All your Bucc questions

Don H.

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Sort of makes sense, then.  Not sure that it ever saw squadron service (certainly not during the Falklands conflict).  My information is that it was delivered directly to RAE Bedford in1976, and remained there for the rest of its active life until sold to Bournemouth museum. 


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On 3/20/2022 at 8:12 PM, destraudo said:



Found pictures of it from before it transferred to shannon. It is actually really sad how badly keeping it outdoors has degraded it in ten years. 


I will note that while the pattern i spotted is not present, there is definitely a completely different textural quality to top surface of wing in these images that seems to follow panel boundaries. I think you hit nail on the head about it being stripped, but by previous museum maybe and it was abandoned when it was sold to shannon.   


I'm delving back into the mists of memory here.

The Shannon website mentions that the Bucc came from Bournmourth/Hurn airport.

IIRC it was owned by the owner of an airline which used to operate from there, and had their a/c serviced there (including BAC-111s) The Bucc was partially repainted in the colours of the airline - hence the striped on the tail. I can't remember the airline despite the fact I once flew on one of the BAC-111s.

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Thanks so much Dave, i saw other markings on panels that seemed pretty intuitive, like for tie downs and lifting, but this one stumped me and i didnt know the magic words to google.


Iainpeden , yeah you will be able to see in the photos that the red paint in particular seems extremely prone to complete separation from coats beneath.  



I actually took an absolute shed load of images of the plane for work, as i wanted super close up images if aircraft wear and tear. A few are blurry, and almost all are at extreme close distance to point you might not know what part of aircraft you are looking at, but if anyone is interested i will leave folder in my dropbox for a few weeks.      It's a few gigs tho so keep that in mind. XD  



I passed the link for the folder on to the person who accepts photos for use here, but i don't think they saw message yet. so i can always reupload if they need them. 

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I'm sure the answer to this is posted somewhere already, but I couldn't find it...


I just got the new (2022) Airfix 1/48 Blackburn Buccaneer kit, and I note that they identify Option 4 as having bombs loaded in the bomb bay, and (I presume) that the bay is left open.  The question is, if there were weapons in the bomb bay, did the Buccaneer fly such missions with the bomb bay open for the entire flight, that is open during takeoff, flight and landing, or did Airfix just include an option to display an open bomb bay?  I've seen at least one picture that shows the bomb bay open with the landing gear retracted, which leads me to believe that an open bay was a mission alternative.  Certainly, an open bomb bay, either with or without ordnance, would result in significant drag, but I haven no knowledge of how the Buccaneer was flown.  Thanks for any help.

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3 hours ago, Hook said:

The bomb door could indeed be closed for flight, rotating to the open position for weapons delivery.





Andre, thank you, sir, for what I THOUGHT had to be the answer, but I wanted to be sure!  Still deciding if I want to build mine with the bomb bay open or closed!  I appreciate the quick reply!

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Leading edge paint question - does anyone have a recommendation for painting the bare metal leading edges of the inlets/ wing/ tailplane?


Second paint question - the wings have a narrow strip of primer just ahead of the flaperons, but I can't find a colour reference for the primer - any suggestions?



Many thanks,




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Paul - I find it easier to paint the overall colors and then mask off the areas to be painted metal.  I like a dull aluminum for this.  In the old days Floquil Old Silver would be my choice but now I use whatever "not too shiny" aluminum paint I have handy.  That strip on the wing is actually provided on the decal sheet; it is yellow. - Jack

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On 3/27/2022 at 10:01 AM, destraudo said:


I noticed this symbol in a number of places on the aircraft. Does anyone know what it means?


I thought I knew, but I did a Google search for "USAF aircraft stencil markings" and this is what I found:



"The sine wave sign indicates an access panel for electronics."

This is also quite useful:


Go down to here: General Cold War RAF aircraft servicing and safety symbols



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On 3/13/2022 at 12:47 PM, BuNo02100 said:

Have two of the New tool Airfix 1/72 S2Cs in the que, one to get a feel for the kit and problem areas as an out of the box build and a second to build with some aftermarket.  I have seen the cockpit from CMK and it looks pretty good.  I also see that they have some ejection seats sold separately but they don’t quite look correct.  Has anyone used the CMK seats and willing to weigh in on their accuracy?



I used the CMK seats...


 These were the separate, stand-alone seats and not the ones which come in the comprehensive CMK Cockpit set...


The pictures you see here are the seat as it appears, directly from the box. Since i built Buccaneer number 1, i now realize that some of the belts should be that blue colour that resembles3M painter's tape...


Now, *HERE* is what the CMK seats look like, after the canopy breaker blades and ejection handles from Eduard have been added...

Seat 001 Seat 002 Seats 008

Now, having compared the CMK seats to the Airfix ones, the Airfix seats have the more prominent side plates to keep the pilots thighs closer inboard, but the seat is kind of thick and clunky and the canopy breaker blades are way too thick. The thigh guards are buried towards the bottom of the seats, whereas the breaker blades and ejection handles are very prominent. I consider the slight omissions of the CMK seat an acceptable tradeoff, as long as the Eduard canopy breaker blades and ejection handles are added.


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On 12/9/2022 at 11:11 AM, David H said:

 I consider the slight omissions of the CMK seat an acceptable tradeoff, as long as the Eduard canopy breaker blades and ejection handles are added.

I agree David; I have used the same combination.  I really think that the CMK seats are designed to incorporate the Eduard bits.  They fit perfectly and the omission by CMK seems otherwise inexplicable.  They look very nice with the addition of the Eduard parts. - Jack

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Regarding Bucc serial numbers, anyone know if any XN or XT registered ones served with XV Sqn at Laarbruch, or were they all in the later XW and XX range?

Ideally the specific time frame I’m looking at for a future build would be when RAFG Buccs had light grey undersides but red/blue roundels (mid 70s?).


All the photos I’ve found so far show XW or XX serials on Germany-based ones.

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It doesn't look like they ever did. The initial delivery was XW526 through to XW534.



It looks like they kept with the newer airframes.


List of all the Buccaneer serial numbers. The links to the pictures may not work anymore.



I can't see any of the XT or XN serials as 15 or 16 Sqn allocation.



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