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Starbuck’s Mk.II Viper 7242 - first update

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Arrr mmmm wellll……


I hadn’t planned this but I couldn’t help myself, the Mk.II arrived yesterday and after looking at I figured why not!




So here’s build #4 and I know I’m going to regret starting this one as I have way too much on as it is, but with my work being what it is at the moment I have extra time.


All wrapped up and waiting to go….




…and to prove I have a very unhealthy obsession with AM stuff, some AM stuff!




The nozzles are actually quite nicely detailed, I wished they done the same for the Mk.VII, it’s a pain the mod work required with them.




..and of course the PE! With these and the Hind I’m playing with over 20 sheets of PE….it’s going to do my head and eyes in!




The moulds for this were done in 2010 and this moulding (like the Mk.VII) was done in 2014, I know this as it’s printed inside the wing of both models, that wee black writing. Anyway, my complaint with all Chinese produced models is that the models wear out really quickly as can be seen by the flash here. My Hind was done in 2004, not quite as bad but still has a lot of flash and poor moulding! Anyway, moving on….




I get to keep the cockpit tub with this one, just add PE, there are a couple of annoying sink holes on the sidewalls.




I’ve chopped the old nozzles off. The plastic is REALL soft, fells almost like those old vinyl plastic models Airfix and others use to produce.




Wings and tail went together without issues, least with these I don’t have to worry about thick leading and trailing edges!




Undercarriage is together, the poor moulding really showed on these, lots of cleaning up was required and they were a bit warped. There’s some PE to go on the main gear.




I now get to play with 2 Starbucks  :wub: ………he drifts off into his own little fantasy world……. :christmas:


Unfortunately, that tart Captain Scarlet has shown up hoping for a Starbuck sandwich! :fuyou_2:




I planned this as Viper weekend so should be able to get a lot done if not distracted……..


……..oh Starbuck? :blush:

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Right and update, I have been working on and off her and the other Viper since the last updates.


The instructions, though pretty looking are a bit vague so I’m not 100% following them. The wings slide into the engine cowling bit and the joins were loose with largish gaps. So I added a couple of supports at the bottom to give them something extra to glue to.




They are a lot stronger now, and the gaps have been filled.




The other thing with this part was that the front of the intakes cowls was square in shape and just didn’t look right, so I rounded them off a bit, they look better, just a pity you can’t tell, the white plastic makes it very hard to see it in the photos. 




The RHS is done the LHS is not.

The engines have been started, the PE bits and new resin parts are much nicer.....




, and again have the base colour, there’s a lot more to do on those.




The nose intake has had its new PE bits fitted. I hollowed out the backing of the part the PE was to fit too, then added a false back, just to it to get it some extra depth.






The U/c legs and needed some gaps filled plus the stand mount in the lower fuselage section was filled.




She looks like a Viper now. There’s actually a bit of work required to her looking good and not toy like. Plus, she may have only a few parts but the fit and how they all go together is quite interesting in parts!






I forgot to take photos of the cockpit and Starbuck, I’ll do that next time.

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