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Mystery vintage car (part) chassis - any ideas of origin?

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Now, I know the provenance of almost all of the spares in my collection but this fragment has me beaten as it is so far outside my normal scope.  It dates from the late 70s/early 80s and was picked up by my juvenile self while beachcombing on the south coast.


Does anyone have any idea which kit it is from?  It is 10 cm x 3 cm, clearly half a chassis with the other half snapped off, in fetching blue wood-effect plastic.   









It's so far out of my usual sphere I might just have to get one and make it... if only I knew what it was!


Thanks for any suggestions but I'm afraid no reward other than my grateful thanks!

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Oh good idea Rob, the 1910 Cadillac Limousine looks worthy of further investigation.


Actually, it looks like the Model T but that has moulded on boxes on the running boards.  Another make of Model T?

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Finally tracked it down, it is a Lindberg custom 5 window Ford Model T coupe (cat 2101).  Currently one on eBay with the sprues nicely displayed.

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