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Star Wars STAR DESTROYER, Bandai 1/14500. Finised.

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Hi All.


Well, I have finally finished this model. And I say finally because I thought it would be faster than it really has been.
The painting process has been minimal: a simple shading around the raised parts of the surface, subsequently masking to lighten these raised parts. As with the first attempt I had doubts that it would remain after varnishing and applying oil to highlight details, I did it again with a darker tone.

The end result was not what I had anticipated but you learn from mistakes.

I have enjoyed this kit a lot because it has offered me what I wanted from it: good detail but without waiting for any wonder due to its size, absence of lace problems that oblige to putty and sand, and no complications with cockpits, landing gear or armament For not having, he doesn't have any decals. In other words, kill that sensation of gluing, painting, varnishing and showcase.


I just need to put the photos.




















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Love the final result Andrés.  The wash has given it a lot of definition, but the shading still shows through to highlight the raised panels -the effect works really well.



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