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F.168 D.H.88 Comet Racer


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Well, since we got 2 more weeks on this great Classic GB, I feel safe to commit to another build to really keep pushing the stats through the roof. Another of the Trailblazers series not already covered - the D.H.88 Comet Racer.









Note the colour chart only has one colour specified - Red! Since the plastic is already this colour, I will have little to do. I'll retain the kit colour as far as possible and just do a bit of detail painting as required. I've never built this kit or aircraft before so it will be interesting. First off, I can see that the seated pilots are missing but two 'larger than life' standing figures have been provided. ??


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Oh yes !

I have the bagged version of this which I thought was an all black finish ?

I had no idea Frog did a red coloured versionas early as this. 

Good luck with the build.

Oy Dave @Rabbit Leader get your finger out the build list is out ot date !

Cheers Pat 

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Reputedly better than the Airfix one which had a poor reputation. I think some were black Pat. Nice looking plane whatever the colour.



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8 hours ago, JOCKNEY said:

...get your finger out the build list is out ot date !

Blimey!! I only updated it a few hours ago! Anyone else want to start a new Frog kit or do you just wanna wait until I do a new update, only to post something new just minutes later! 


Good luck getting this one done Mike, without me looking at the whole list, do you still have three kits to go? I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Now Mrs RL must have been talking to Mrs PeterB of late as straight after I got the Canberra done, she’s handed me a list of household projects that we can both do together.. great! 


Cheers.. Dave 

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On 15/10/2019 at 07:54, JOCKNEY said:

Hi Mike 

We are all running out of popcorn and we can't seem to get the nice lady selling the ice creams attention, any chance of an update in the meantime please ?

Cheers Pat 

Got some work done on the DH88 Comet during a trip away last week - seats in, fuselage together, wings and stabilisers made up - these won't need painting but a polish to get rid of some extra thin cement overruns will be required.


Engine nacelles in progress - the undercarriage is very small and very hard to get in place before closing up the nacelles. Crack on.



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Brilliant idea moulding the kit in the finished colour. And years before matchbox  !

I wonder why they stopped  ?


Lovely work Mike, it's one of these aircraft that looks fast even when it isn't moving. 


Cheers Pat 

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Still looks better than the Airfix one At least you get seats and a hole to put them in . I remember Frog releasing " Black Magic" as well with alternate marks for G-ACSS in it's RAF form 

Looking forward to a splash of red in the gallery. Looking good so far 

Martin H

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On 20/10/2019 at 19:41, nimrod54 said:

It's getting there Mike. It has a nice polished finish and there doesn't appear to be much left to do. Good Luck on getting it finished.

Thanks, John. Not many pieces in this kit and as long as I can keep gluey fingers off it, it will remain shiny!


On 20/10/2019 at 19:54, Jinxman said:

Almost there! Gotta say it looks miles ahead of Airfix's offering, (which is in my stash....).


The polished plastic looks great as well.

Yes, I must have a look at the Airfix version sometime. The Frog version fits together very well.  think there were three of these aircraft in different colours all in the same race.


On 20/10/2019 at 23:50, nimrod54 said:

I spotted this over in the gallery and it looks fantastic. Well done on another great result Mike.

Thanks again, John. I think the transfers really make it.


On 21/10/2019 at 00:08, JOCKNEY said:

Congratulations Mike

It looks wonderful in the gallery.

Cheers Pat 

This was a massive sprint to the finish, while I was masquerading as a DIY Guru fixing the door to the loft!


Final pics - the exhaust stubs and tail skid all pinged away while being mounted - still two of the three to find but bits of plastic tube substituting at the moment. The wheel gurds don't actually locate on anything so they ended up attached to the tyres. Looks funny when the wheels rotate... Canopy masking was going to be difficult so left it OOB for now. I did manage to locate two crew members drafted in from a Novo Baltimore and they may appear later, now that the Gallery has been achieved. 


Those transfers were amazing with only one 'go faster' stripe actually breaking when I was moving it about the fuselage. What I did discover though was that the ' - ' for the underside is not included in the decal sheet so I hunted feverishly through any kits which came to hand to see if I could use something. After a couple of false dawns with transfers breaking apart on contact with the water, I managed to cut up an 'L' from a spare Frog Bearcat.










Another lovely little Frog kit with bags of potential. Enjoyed the frantic build and thanks again to the BM Community for the input and our hosts for this fantastic Classic GB - well done all! Looking forward to perusing all the other builds at leisure now.

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