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Workbench with Table Grinder & Vice (HLU35116) 1:35

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Workbench with Table Grinder & Vice (HLU35116)

1:35 Hauler




Many workshops will have a workbench.  I'm sitting at one writing this, and back in the 30s and 40s these looked a lot like office desks, and some still do.  This set from Hauler gives us a workbench with a vice and bench grinder, all in resin.  It arrives in a small cardboard box with a ziplok bag of resin parts and a small instruction sheet within.  There are ten resin parts, the largest of which is the carcass of the bench, followed by the door, drawers and then the smaller parts of the grinder and vice, which are all attached to a single pouring block.




Construction is fairly simple and begins with removing the thin pour blocks on the large parts, which have been placed on the back or bottom to minimise potential damage and as usual with resin, take the precaution of wearing a mask when cutting or sanding it, as the tiny particles are harmful to your health if breathed in.  Washing the parts in warm water will also improve the adhesion of paint, as there may still be some mould-release agent on the parts when you receive them.  The bottom drawer of the pedestal is moulded in place, but the two other drawers are separate parts and can be fitted open or closed at will.  The right pedestal has a single door and an internal shelf, which can be left open and festooned with equipment if you wish.


The vice is made up of two parts and is moulded open, but with a deft cut the jaws can be moved to meet your needs or just clamped shut by a tidy-minded operative.  The bench grinder has a lozenge-shaped body with an abrasive wheel at either end, one of which has a guard while the other is open with all the health & safety issues that brings with it.  Both devices can be placed anywhere on the desktop as needed, with a suggestion shown on the boxtop and at the bottom of the instructions.




Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of



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