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T-55 STGB starts tomorrow!!

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Hi all,


Please note that the T-55 Single Type Group Build starts next weekend - 5th October. It's time to hunt down those T-55 or variants in the stash, in the model shop or online.


The T-55 STGB area can be found here:



A quick reminder of those who signed up before -







@modelling minion





@Robert Stuart




@Das Abteilung









@Mig Eater



@Rob G


You don't have to have signed up before to join in. Just start a thread in the GB section and start building next Saturday! (5th October 2019)


Looking forward to seeing you all there!


Kind regards,




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12 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Im aware of this but thanks Stix. I might just  be starting this one late as I'm a bit busy with 6 builds at the moment. 

Not to mention the Triple group build I'm running at the moment. So much so that ive gone and adopted the CCR classic “Run through the Jungle” as my current theme song. Because i feel like a crazy ape running through a jungle of madness at the moment. 


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Hi Dennis! Not a problem! We know you are a busy modeller! Hopefully we'll see you at some point during the GB. Good luck with all your other projects.

Kind regards,


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