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German Rockets 28cm WK SPR & 32cm WK Flamm (35316) 1:35

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German Rockets 28cm WK SPR & 32cm WK Flamm (35316)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd




These were spin-stabilised rockets that carried either high explosive warheads in the smaller diameter, or 50 litres of an incendiary mix of oil for the larger 32cm rocket.  They were both suspended in wooden crates of the same dimensions, so they were interchangeable without any adaptation to the launch device.  The rockets were launched by an electric signal, and due to their rather noxious vapour trail the name nebelwerfer literally means "smoke bomb".  These weapons were used in ground-standing framework launchers, or attached to the side of a half-track, which gained the nickname Stuka zu Fuß, "Stuka on foot".  Their smoke trails made it likely that they would attract return fire, so mobility was key, which led to the more easily transported versions finding favour, and the self-propelled half-track version even more so.



The Kit

We reviewed one of the launch options here recently, and if you need some more for a resupply truck diorama or to augment one of the other launch options, then read-on.  The box contains 36 sprues in grey styrene, of which 24 contain parts for the crates, and 12 for the rockets, but in case you were thinking that doesn't add up, there are two rockets on each sprue but only one crate.  The crates are made up with runners at the rear that holds the narrow cylindrical rear section of the rockets stable, and in the case of the smaller 28cm rockets, a set of adapter rails reduces the crate's internal dimensions to suit.  As you have probably guessed, you can build 12 of each crate.  The rockets are assembled in the same manner regardless of diameter, with two halves trapping a protruding ignition cap at the front, and a separate hollow exhaust at the rear.  Again, you can build 12 of each for their accompanying crates.





The small sheet of decals is used on the rockets and their cases, with their positions shown on the painting diagram at the rear of the booklet.  The rounds are all painted olive green, but their crates can be Dark Yellow, German Grey or bare wood.







Highly recommended




Review sample courtesy of


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