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Davros 1/6th scale by Mooncrest Models

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Been away from the hobby for along time, but dipping my toe back in the water again with this kit. All my previous modelling has been 1/35th german armour but sci fi is a big part of my life as well, so here goes.

This kit is mixed media resin, plastic and metal. Quality of parts and moulding is first class, a bit of clean up and filling but nothing more than any other kit.













The kit does present a number of challenges and i have modified and changed some parts for more accuracy but that is in no way a criticism of the kit which will build out the box into a perfectly acceptable version, but i have never found a kit yet which can't be improved on in some areas. The above screenshots are the version i chose to build which is from "Resurrection of the Daleks" with Davros played by Terry Molloy. The big challenge was the backrest, the kit one has to be scratchbuilt anyway and you get a template and piece of plasticard but for a flat backrest which for some of the earlier versions of Davros is correct but as you can see from the above screenshot of the backrest it has 2 vertical bends to conform to the shape of his back and has the corners slightly clipped and bent out. The edging strip also has to be fabricated, which on the original was rubber car door trim.

I also spent alot of time on various screenshots getting the correct combination of colours for the console, which is a beautifully cast piece.

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First up was the easy parts, finishing the skirt and hemispheres. The skirt was sanded,primered,sanded etc till i got a finish i was happy with, i use halfords grey primer and used their matt black for the bumper around the bottom of the skirt and their satin black for the rest of the skirt, front and rear console









I drilled holes in the skirt in the centre of where the hemispheres will go to help locate and glue them in place. Each Hemi had a hole drilled in the rear and a piece of paperclip wire inserted into it, this helped to locate each one in place and also with painting as you see below. the hemi's were primered, sprayed with Alclad gloss black then given a coat of Alclad aluminium. They are stuck into a piece of polystyrene packaging for ease of painting. You can see the wire inside the skirt which also allows additional glueing from inside rather than risking any superglue spilling out on onto the finished skirt.

I also always add washes and highlights to my models but with the scale and sharp angles of the skirt it just felt right to leave it be and let the natural light bounce of all the angles rather than create artificial highlights and shadows













Edited by Glen10k
additional photo

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Next up was the front and rear console. The front was cleaned up, primered and given a coat of satin black. Alclad aluminium was used on the main console and this time i did add an oil piant black wash around the edges,buttons,switches and recesses to add some depth. The switches were picked out with enamels,oils and acrylics using screenshots to get the correct combination of colours. Some plastic strip was used on the underside to locate the front console for glueing. The 5 levers were left off till later in the build as they would be easily broken












The rear console was the first major deviation from the kit. The kit provides a frosted top panel but after some research i believe it is white perspex or a material similar so i ordered some up and cut it to shape. There is a lip that runs around the top of the rear console which the perspex sits within. I sanded the kit part smooth and added my own edging with plasticard






above is the original resin part with the lip sanded smooth and the perspex cut to size and glued. The folowing photos show the edge added from plastic strip. A hole is cut in the perspex for the backrest to slot into






and a test fit with the backrest support in place. The edging was also very carefully sanded to sit flush with the perspex which was then masked off for painting.




A few photos of the almost complete bottom part of the chair, only the levers missing and work started on the backrest






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Onto the backrest now, built from scratch using screenshots and various resources. Most of my research for this whole build has come from project dalek website which is a must for any serious dalek fan. The plasticard was cut to shape and clipped at the bottom corners, a grove cut with a sharp point to allow the bends to be put in place then glue and filler run along the seam of the bends. The shoulders were gradually bent and rolled with the thin plastic holding the shape. Plastic strip was added to recreate the edging strip which helped hold the shoulder in a nice curve. The part going up the back of the neck was also bent slightly. 6 rivets were added that fixed the backrest to the support bracket on the original prop.

The backrest was then primered, coated in Alclad gloss back then Alclad aluminium. the edging was painted with dark grey/black enamels and oil wash added to add depth and pick out the rivets












The completed chair with the levers now added and painted. There is minimal weathering on this just a few washes on the console and backrest. I don't think it needs any as i said before the larger scale and sharp angles bounce alot of light of it and provide shadows and highlights on its own. If anyone has an opinion on this please feel free to express it.








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Now onto the piece that makes this build, Davros himself. A beautiful sculpt and cast of the character played by Terry Molloy. Mooncrest do another Davros which is the original from the Tom Baker era played by Michael Wisher, i have this kit as well and it's just as good but thats maybe for a future build.

This was a big challenge for me as i've always modelled in enamels and oils but i've decided to try to convert to acrylics especially for figure work. I bought a number of Vallejo sets and used a wet pallette to help keep the enamels from drying out and extend the working time. If you've never used a wet pallette i'd seriously consider at least looking at what it can offer you, there's plenty of videos online that show their use.

I bought some delrin plastic 4mm balls for the head cage as they didn't have a mould seam around them. The cage is trial, error and patience. the instructions are very good in explaining how to build it up but it is very tricky




















Cage now added and red wire suppliedin the kit, this was warapped around a rod to form a spring then pulled apart to stretch it out then cut to size, the microphone was added once the figure was completed
















As a first attempt at acrylics i think the result is ok, i've learned alot just doing this figure alone, washing, glazing, feathering etc.

The figure and chair are complete but i'm currently working on a custome base i've made myself. The chair wil be fixed with screws to this before the figure is added and the piece complete. I'll post up some wip shots of the base progress later but hope that you've enjoyed this wip so far.

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I decided to have a go at building my own base for this and went for an octagonal design but tried to keep it simple. i just started building it up with a rough idea of what i wanted without really knowing how it would end up.












A square cut out was left underneath to allow me to use fixings to secure Davros to the base




Thicker plastic strip was used to create a small plinth effect around the base
















The base was painted with Halfords gloss black and given a T-cut and polish, the top will be painted in a aluminium or duraluminium, i'm waiting for the paint to arrive to finish this off, add the name plate received from "Name It" and sticky back felt to cover the underneath








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Squeee Doctor Who

It’s nice to see this being built- it really is a lovely model.

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Stunning work on Davros!

I've built one of the old Sevans Davros kits and the quality on this kit is so much better.

Love your paint work on his head, very close to the onscreen look.


I've got one of Mooncrests 1/6 scale TARDIS console kits in my stash, i'll get around to building it one day!



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