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Messerschmitt P 1099 B Heavy Fighter 1/72 Completed.


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I've had this kicking around the stash many years. I really like the Revell Luftwaffe '46 kits and wish they'd have done more of them. I just like how absurd this thing is, two seats, twin 30mm in the cockpit, 20mm barrettes and a forward firing 20mm in a mini turret thing. It's great lol


I lost the decals to it, but that doesn't really matter, hell I might even make it Hungarian or something. I've also gotten rid of the box as it;s one of those horrid side opening things that get crushed in the stash, although the artwork is cool, fighting B-29's and all. I'll build this in between my larger project which is a 1/32 Su 25.





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Well I spoke too soon about the fit. The nose wheel well and insert needed some filling and sanding, after I had shaved down the bottom of the cockpit and top of the well itself to get the fit closer.




Moving into the engines, everything was going well until....




...and this gap.




Strangely the other nacelle didn't suffer this problem so it might have been a molding issue. The tail planes were thankfully a painless fit.





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Ok. the other wing is on and some paint is on the interior. You won't see much once the canopy goes on. I've also worked out that I can add the barbet guns after paint, which makes things easier.



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Final bits and pieces on and a little blue paint. You can't see it but I also added a bomb rack to the underside of the fuselage. Why?. Well the machine in the instructions says it's from KG 76, so technically a bomber squadron. I've got a nice big devil dropping a bomb for the nose art too.




I went for RLM 82 light green with RLM 83 dark green patches and I think I will put some RLM 76 squiggles over the top like an Me 262 colour scheme.



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Project P.1099B  was more elegant,


Revell model it's bad caricature on 

Project P.1099B, because she have poor nose.

Making new, more geometry accurate nose on base Revell P.1099B possibly, but it's hard way with putty & sandpaper:

(photo my P.1099B from link above, made before 2014)








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1 hour ago, Brad said:

I wasn't too worried about the nose Serge, it was afterall just a paper project.

Of course it's just paper project, but Revell maked him more paper and more unlogics from the point of view of the designer of aircraft and aerodynamic.

Only this.





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