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FW Triebflügel 1/48 AH

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I may have to build one of these someday myself, they do look really cool.


Gee that bench looks as messy/organised as mine!! I have a constant battle to keep in eat and tidy.....guess it ends up being like my mind!

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Workbench all tidy and ready for the Fw Triebflügeljäger

Corsairfoxfouruncle, sorry I did not do WIP for the 109T

Imagine flying Hs132 in 1939 and then making this Triebflügel concept in 1944 ??







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3 hours ago, Brad said:

I wonder if it would have actually flown lol

with advanced autopilot, probably ? :)


wings, engines and middle section, silver
blue nose

front and back all light blue with green and brown-violet mottle on top ?



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thanks for the comments guys :)

antennas and wheel covers now on, so all the pieces assembled. Only light weathering and panel line wash left.

compering size with a 1/48 figure





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