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“Honey I shrunk Starbuck’s Viper!!” - first update

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…..and she’s mighty well wee weed off about it too! :rant:


Ok build #2. I’ve had this model for ages, Black Sun’s 1/72nd resin Viper Mk.VII.  I think I bought it not long after I built the Caprica Viper for a SciFi GB some years ago.




This is a beautiful little resin model which is now a little harder to get and quite expensive!!!




The detailing and moulding is superb, so it’s should pretty much fall together. 




It comes with a comprehensive set of instruction which will be helpful for both models.




She’ll be a nice addition to go with the Caprica Viper.



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Ok I’d better do an update on this before I finish her.


As can be seen in the parts breakdown there’s very little needed to be done to her before painting.


The fine was glued to the rear spine, I added a small pin to it to give it some extra strength and the join was only a butt join.


Then the spine was fitted to the main model. Just the tiniest amount of filler was needed just to finish off the joins.




The engine has been given a base coat of Burnt Iron (?), there’s quite a bit to do on this to get the look I’m after.




There’s not too much more I can do to it apart from painting her and I won’t do that until the big one is ready. 




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