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Belgian F-16 Down - Pilots have hugely lucky escape

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BBC reporting a loss of an F-16 with both occupants ejecting.  One came down on electricity power lines and had to be recovered by emergency services off them.  250,000 volts it seems.  Luckily not earthed and both reported safe and well


full report





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4 hours ago, stever219 said:

Very pleased that everyone involved is safe.

Daily Fail reporting is pants, again: you don't jump from an F-16 in flight.  Also it's not the voltage that kills, it's the current (pedant mode off).

Luckily for me i've got an Adblocker so i'm not allowed to read it (oh dear,what a shame).....

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I’m reminded of the loss of Vulcan XM610 (IIRC) due to an uncontained engine break-up leading to an uncontrollable fire.  The pilots were trying to get into RAF Leeming but ran out of time.  Anticipating an in-flight break-up of the burning wing they got all of the rear crew out and the captain then advised the co-pilot to join the Martin Baker Club, which he duly did.  By this time ‘610 had become uncontrollable and was in a steepening dive and the captain pulled the handle knowing that he was probably outside the seat operating envelope and likely to come to a very unpleasant end very soon.  Miraculously he cleared the jet and as the drogue parachute deployed it fouled on a set of high-tension power cables, swinging the seat downwards for a comparatively gentle ground impact.  The captain literally unstrapped himself and walked away without a scratch.

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