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COMBAT - South Africa At War along the Angolan Frontier - Helion & Company via Casemate UK

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COMBAT - South Africa At War along the Angolan Frontier

ISBN : 9781911628736

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




It would seem depressing that throughout the 1970s and beyond that there was some kind of war in Angola. In 1975 the decades long war seemed was still short of any conclusion This was not helped by the fact there were three rebel movements fighting for supremacy with South Africa, America, Zaire, Cuba, and the Soviet Union being involved as well.  The South African intervention in Angola, and the Cuban involvement are perhaps the most well known, however the CIA were actively trying to destabilise the country, in part to recoup some prestige following the event in Vietnam.  




This book from renowned author AJ Venter looks at South Africa's 23 year border war on the Angolan Frontier. With regard to  combat operations it considers how well the South Africans with relatively light armoured vehicles were able to engage and defeat Soviet tanks; and South Africa's development of the Centurion MBT into the Olifant. The book also looks at the extensive air war with the use of such diverse aircraft as the Dakotas in the gunship role to the Blackburn ir Buccaneer for attacks.  The extensive helicopter operations in support of ground troops also features heavily. A new look is taken at all the enemies ranged against the South Africans at this point in their history. 




As well as these areas with the help of other authors and specialists the book considers the then secret South African Nuclear programme, and the co-operation with Israel to acquire Medium range ICBMs. Other areas also looked at by the others contributors include the cover communications war which stretched across the continent into the Indian Ocean.  Other chapters range from looking at specific operations, to a look at the main weapons used at the time from the RPG-7 to the Hind Helicopter. The book is A5 in size with 344 pages. Contained inside are 232 black & white photos, 4 pages of maps, and 39 colour photos. 





This book should provide readers with a more complete understanding of the South African units in the war with Angola, and their campaign there.


Highly Recommended.



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