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Rocinante from the TV series "The Expanse"

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This is my first foray into 3D printing - well I didn't do the 3D printing, I bought something that was 3D printed. It was bought from printedplanes.com and came in 4 pieces, forward and aft plus two spikey bits that attached to the front. The subject is the hero ship from the TV series The Expanse. This was originally shown on the SyFy channel but they've since cancelled it after 3 series and its continuing on Amazon Prime - if you haven't seen it I highly recommend it! 




There was only a little clean up required to hide the printer scan lines but remarkably little in comparison to other 3D printed models I've seen in other collections. The inside of the rear exhaust was a bit tacky so I left this out in the sun one day and the UV exposure fixed that. The two man pieces are hollow and fitted together perfectly with no trouble. The only extra pieces I added were some detail in the engine exhaust (which I've forgotten to take photos of!).










These are the 3D printed pieces as they got to me.




The decals were sourced from JBOT, aka Jim Botaitas who had made them originally for a 300mm long resin kit made by another company. So since this model was 300mm long as well I thought the decals would fit well enough and they did!






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