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I'm  sure there are all sorts of ways, but here are two. 

One, use Tamiya masking tape, It has an elastic quality that allows you to bend and stretch it if you cut it into very thin strips or you can buy it already cut. Anchor one end on a convenient spot and holding that in place, slightly pull the tape to stretch it and gradually lay it down where you want it. Move slowly and keep moving your "anchor finger" to hold it in place as you move it along. When you have gone all the way, then fill in the part to be masked with tape/paper/making fluid. Another way, IF you have engraved lines, is to lay some thin tape right over the line covering both sides. Then press it down so that you can see the indent of the line. Take a new exacto blade and trace that line around, cutting through the tape. Remove the tape from the area to be painted and fill in the side that's to be masked.  In either case, before you paint, make sure the tape is all the way down all the way round to ensure no leakage. 

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10 hours ago, Roger Newsome said:

Tamiya make a masking tape in various widths specifically for masking curves, it's white as opposed to the usual yellow and is kind of like stretchy vinyl.  Actually that's what it might be. 🤔😂


And it's good stuff.

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