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1/48 - Mil Mi-8/17 "Hip" family by Kitty Hawk - in project


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I had been hoping to see the Annetra kit come out or at least some update from them now that AMK is shipping their Tomcat but    no word so I am all in on the Kitty Hawk. I have heard nothing but good things on their other helicopter models so this bodes well.  Very Excited do see this release!

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I'm not a big fan of kitty hawk, but their choice of subjects recently is getting better and better,


They are doing so much research in to plugging gaps in the market they get profit from. The Su-25, getting up to date Hind's and Hip's out. The havoc's etc


This is extremely promising and while I do question their quality at times, this is the type of move to bring me back as a customer

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